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 Welcome to the homepage of the Chair of Prof. Dr. Jens Rowold!




Summer Semester 21 - Information on lectures Bachelor

Platzhalter_SoSe 21_Vorlesungen_Info_neu_3

13.04.2021 – All students who would like to listen to our Bachelor course in Personnel Selection, Development and Leadership this summer semester can register for this course independently (without key) on Moodle. You can find the course at: All courses > Search courses > in the search field under „Human Resources: Personnel selection, development and leadership“.

Kick-Off is Thursday, 15 April 2021.


Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Weihnachtsbaum geschmückt

15.12.2020 – Dear students and interested parties, we would like to thank you for the good cooperation in this unusual year 2020. Especially to our students, we thank you for your patience and cooperation in the necessary digital teaching. We wish you happy holidays and all the best and especially health for the new year 2021.


New publication of the PVM Chair in the Journal of Organizational Behavior (VHB A)


01.09.2020 – At the beginning of August, the study "A multilevel investigation of predictors and outcomes of shared leadership" by Kai Klasmeier and Jens Rowold was published in the Journal of Organizational Behavior (VHB A). The aim of the study was to identify factors that favor the emergence of shared leadership in teams. It was shown that in particular the leadership behavior of the formal team leader and team trust can lead to a higher degree of shared leadership in the team. Furthermore, it was shown that shared leadership can have a positive effect on team performance and team creativity.


80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management

AOM 2020_80 Annual Meeting

12.08.2020 – From 7 to 11 August 2020, Catrin Millhoff and Kai Klasmeier took part in the "80th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management". At this virtual conference, they presented their current research results on the topics of change management and shared leadership to the expert audience in two lectures.


Digital Meeting of the International Forum for Psychology of Organizational Change (IFPOC)


14.07.2020 – IFPOC is a network of scientists who have been researching the psychological side of organizational change since 2016. Catrin Millhoff from the PVM chair is a member of the network and participated in the digital meeting, which was originally planned to take place in Lisbon as the EAWOP Small Group Meeting. For the meeting there were 16 submissions from seven different countries with different methodological approaches, including literature reviews, interview studies, experiments or research projects in longitudinal or cross-sectional design. In terms of content, the submissions can be assigned to the four main research areas of organizational change processes: Anticipation, Process of Change, Dealing with Change and Responding to Change. In the meantime IFPOC has 37 active members and continues to grow.


German Diversity Day 2020

Charta Vielfalt_Logo

26.05.2020 – Today is the Day of Diversity!
The PVM chair team supports the concerns of the Charter of Diversity (www.charta-der-vielfalt.de).
For example, in courses with students, topics such as employee diversity are discussed so that students can understand and apply the value of employee diversity for innovation in companies.


Registration modality for Bachelor lecture Personnel selection, development and management


15.04.2020 – All students who would like to listen to our Bachelor course in Personnel Selection, Development and Leadership this summer semester can register for this course independently on Moodle. You can find the course at: All courses > SoSe 2020 > Faculties > Faculty of Economics > Personnel Development and Change Management (ZHB).

The starting date is Thursday, 23 April 2020.


Important information - Digital teaching


08.04.2020 – Due to the acute corona pandemic, the summer semester 2020 will probably be exclusively digital.

All courses offered by the Chair of Human Resource Development and Change Management will take place as planned and can be accessed digitally via moodle.

In the case of possible live streams, these will take place at the originally announced times so that the occupancy of the courses can be reliably planned for this semester as well.


Major life events and the significance of the Corona pandemic


06.04.2020 – Incisive events or experiences over which we have no influence can push us to the limits of our mental and physical powers. In research, such events are described as Major Life Events. The Corona Pandemic has the potential to become such a Major Life Event for many people.


How we can better manage ourselves in home office

Home Office

25.03.2020 – At the moment, many of us are in home office and have to structure work much more than usual by our own efforts and motivate ourselves. The Chair for Personnel Development and Change Management at the TU Dortmund University is working on the topic of self-management. This includes a series of altogether 9 practicable strategies for successful self-management.


New bachelor course in english: Personnel Selection, Development and Leadership


23.03.2020 – Starting in the summer semester 2020, we will offer our bachelor lecture (with tutorial) Personnel Selection, Development and Leadership for the first time in English. The new offer is especially addressed at international students and at students who would like to study in English. The current start date for this course is Thursday, April 23, 2020.


Teaching and seminars


08.01.2020 – The homepage is updated with the courses of the chair PVM for the summer semester 2020. Among other things, seminars (combined, project and master seminar) will be offered again this semester. The application for the seminars / bachelor theses runs from 20.01.2020 to 24.01.2020 via an online form, which is linked on the pages of the individual courses.


Start of the project "Leadership 4.0"

Platzhalter_Leadership 4.0

04.12.2019 – Managers in German companies are confronted with numerous challenges resulting from changes in the working conditions of "Work 4.0": The boundaries between work and leisure time are becoming increasingly blurred, with the result that employees are demanding more co-determination and relevance in their jobs. Digital communication and flexible working conditions are also changing the way managers communicate with employees and motivate them.
After a questionnaire on the topic of "Work 4.0" was created at the Chair of Personnel Development and Change Management, Julia Nogga has been working on the development of a new questionnaire on the topic of "Leadership 4.0" since the beginning of October. The aim is to provide a differentiated assessment of the demands that the modern working world puts on managers. The aim is to support companies in clarifying the tasks of a manager in today's working world and to prepare them successfully for these tasks.
The questionnaire first determines the individual strengths and development potential of the manager. Afterwards, the manager receives a feedback form that summarizes the individual results and compares them with benchmarks. This report can then be discussed in detail, e.g. in a personal meeting with a trainer. Together, a development strategy is developed so that the manager can better deal with the challenges of Work 4.0 in the future and better motivate the respective employees.


Employee selection of managers


15.11.2019 – The employee selection of executives is a challenge for most companies: Since the performance of managers influences many employees, wrong staffing has many negative consequences. Innovative personality traits can support classic application procedures to the extent that they provide additional information in the selection process and ultimately optimize it. For these reasons, a new project has been started at the Chair of Human Resource Development and Change Management that identifies exactly these innovative personality traits. The focus is firstly on the resilience of managers and secondly on mindfulness. It is currently being investigated whether these two performance and stress-relevant parameters improve employee selection in order to be able to predict which managers will later show a higher degree of positive leadership behavior and thus contribute to the company's value chain.


Too much pressure on employees: How stress acts on the heart


08.11.2019 – How can psychological and physical stress on employees be detected in real time? A new research project has been started at the Chair of Human Resource Development and Change Management, which will provide new insights and concrete assistance for companies. The team around Prof. Dr. Rowold and Nele Hartmann is using an effect that is well known in medicine: Since the heart is controlled by both the activating and the regenerating part of the nervous system, and since the activating part gains the upper hand when there is too much stress, it is possible to tell how strong the current stress is from even the smallest deviations in the time intervals between the heartbeats. In the laboratory of the chair, the extent to which typical stressors can be read off the heartbeat is being investigated. At the same time, research is being conducted on so-called mindfulness-based methods for reducing stress. Ultimately, companies are to receive concrete, scientifically proven measures for stress prevention and reduction.


500th Final Thesis at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Rowold at TU Dortmund University


16.10.2019 – Two reasons for celebration as Prof. Dr. Rowold congratulated Mrs Julia Nogga, student of Economics, on her Master graduation: On the one hand, Mrs Nogga succesfully concluded her Master studies. On the other hand, this exam was also a special jubilee for the examinant Professor Rowold: Since his change to Dortmund in 2009, this was his 500th Final Thesis at the TU Dortmund University.


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