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Organizational Analysis

Organizational analysis/Employee surveys



  • By detecting the status quo in a company, organizational analysis constitutes a necessary foundation for organizational development.
  • It is therefore the foundation for decisions regarding:

        - the initialization of Human Resource Development measures

        - process optimization

        - change management measures

        - culture/mission statement development.


 Possible Contents of Organizational Analysis:

  • Analysis of communication structures in the company.
  • Analysis of leadership behavior in the company.
  • Analysis of company culture.
  • Analysis of confidence in management.
  • Analysis of commitment to the organization.
  • Analysis of health management/work-life balance.



  • Employee surveys, interviews, random sample observations, workshops with work groups.


Sub content

What we offer

  • Identification of Goals
    What is the purpose of the analysis? Which information is of strategic significance?
  • Planning
    Development of the survey tools/interviews, etc.
  • Implementation
    Announcement of measures, carrying out of interviews, observations, online implementation of the employee survey.
  • Information about Results
    Target group-specific presentation of results for various groups of stakeholders.



  • Derivation of an appropriate course of action.