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Potential Analysis/Location Analysis

A potential analysis or location analysis ...

  • forms an effective foundation for the individual and goal-oriented development of both prospective and experienced managers.
  • points out strengths and potential areas for development.
  • serves to help individuals find orientation in planning their career (“setting a course”).
  • can be used as a tool for strategic succession planning (talent management).



  • Position- and skill-specific tasks and exercises (case studies, presentations, staff appraisals, etc.)
  • Use of scientifically validated tools (concentration/intelligence tests, personality inventory, etc.)


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What we offer

  • Development of a personalized potential/location analysis oriented to the challenges of the position.
  • Development – where applicable – of a competency model to form the basis of analysis. Alternatively, the company’s own internal competency model can be adopted instead.
  • If required, the analysis can be carried out with the involvement of internal company observers.
  • Creation of a customized report for the feedback of results and the derivation of development measures.