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Welcome to the Practice pages of the Institute of Human Resource Development and Change Management at TU Dortmund University!

Only those managers who truly lead their employees can offer security in a time marked by change.

In times when change is more commonplace than stability, leadership of employees is a significant factor for success. Above all else, contemporary leadership involves establishing trusting relationships, addressing the individual strengths and weaknesses of each employee, personally exemplifying a vision and imparting values and goals. Under such conditions, “followers” are set free to attain their maximum potential, as they know that they – both as individuals and as a team – can find security and trust in their leader and his/her vision.

As a result, the demands on managers are becoming ever more complex – making leadership development training targeted at these increased challenges more important than ever before.

In line with our main areas of focus – contemporary transformational and ethical leadership – we at the Institute of Human Resource Development and Change Management offer innovative leadership seminars, coaching, and advisory services based on our scientific research and practical experience.


Find out what we can offer companies and public organizations here.

  • Advisory Services

We can support you with the changes and challenges in your business. We offer such individually tailored tools as employee surveys, scientific analyses, potential analyses and coaching and feedback techniques.