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The Department’s team has long been involved in the formulation, implementation, and evaluation of Human Resource Development measures for managers. Following the “extended Full-Range Leadership Theory“ (Antonakis & House, 2002), training programs are formulated for transformational, transactional, and instrumental leadership and then carried out in collaboration with our partners. The efficacy of these leadership approaches has been impressively demonstrated in numerous international studies by independent researchers. The Department’s team is further refining these approaches for the German-speaking world. Management training programs created following these approaches are evaluated in order to both stimulate new insights into the efficacy of leadership development in German-speaking countries and gain knowledge of relevant contextual conditions (e.g. the size of an organization, the culture of training transfer). Our empirical studies demonstrate, inter alia, that transformational leadership training is also effective in Germany (Abrell, Rowold, Weibler, & Mönninghoff, 2011).



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