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Conger & Kanungo Scales of Charismatic Leadership (CKS)

Developed by Conger and Kanungo’s research group, this questionnaire gathers information about a total of five facets of charismatic leadership (sensitivity to the environment, sensitivity to members’ needs, strategic vision and articulation, personal risk, and unconventional behavior).

The questionnaire was translated into German and employed in several random sampling tests (including with economic managers, managers from non-profit businesses, and politicians). The CKS questionnaire has undergone extensive scientific validation.

Overall, the CKS possesses good psychometric properties (cf. Rowold, J., Kersting, M. (2008). The assessment of charismatic leadership: Validity of a German version of the Conger-Kanungo Scales. European Journal of Psychological Assessment, 24 (2), 124-130.)