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Transformational Leadership Inventory (TLI)

This questionnaire for measuring transformational and transactional leadership was developed by Phil Podsakoff’s research group and represents an interesting alternative to the frequently used MLQ.

In cooperation with the Department for Work and Organizational Psychology at the University of Berlin (Dipl.-Psych. Kathrin Tartler), a translation of the TLI has been prepared and used in various random sampling tests.

The TLI possesses good psychometric properties. The validity and reliability of this tool are described in academic literature [Heinitz, K., & Rowold, J. (2007). Effectiveness criteria of a German adaptation of the Transformational Leadership Inventory (TLS). Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, 17(1), 1-14), and related norms (Krüger, C., Rowold, J., Borgmann, L., Staufenbiel, K., Heinitz, K. (in press). Discriminant validity of transformational and transactional leadership - A multi-trait-multi-method analysis of and norms for the Transformational Leadership Inventory (TLI). Journal of Personnel Psychology. ]