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Welcome to the Department of Academic Teaching & Faculty Development

CDI buildungAbout us

We offer comprehensive consultation and support for the design, organization, and advancement of teaching and learning processes.

Our wide range of services and programs, which include continuing education, consultations, coaching, research, and teaching, are available for professors, research associates, instructors, and students as well as faculties, departments, and other institutes at TU Dortmund University.

Workshop scenarioContinuing Education

We provide various options for continuing education. In addition to target-oriented services for faculties and departments (upon request), you can choose from attending workshops on assorted topics in the fields of academic teaching and learning and the certified program for professional teaching competencies in higher education. The program guarantees a substantiated qualification in academic teaching, covers 200 hours, and awards, upon completion, a certificate that is recognized nationwide. The certificate supports the proof of pedagogical aptitude, postulated in the 2014 Higher Education Act of North Rhine-Westphalia (§36, par. 1, subparagraph 2).

Discussion sceneConsultation, Coaching & Class Visits

This constitutes the cornerstone of our services and comprises the enhancement of teaching competencies, the design of innovative teaching concepts, team counseling & conflict resolution, e-learning, diversity, evaluation & feedback, motivation & volition, developing courses of studies, and the advancement of doctoral education.

Furthermore, we offer these services upon request:

  • Individual consultation, coaching and observation, peer consulting
  • Consultation for teaching teams, e.g. to design teaching objectives that take evaluation results into account
  • Class visit and subsequent consultation by academic teaching experts
  • Consultation and coaching are part of our continuing education as well (e.g. "Students consult").

Lecture at TU Dortmund UniversityResearch & Teaching

Our services are inspired by and based on insights gained from up-to-date research on teaching and learning methods in higher education. We work as researchers and, thus, contribute to numerous research projects. Our main areas of research include the professionalization of teaching and faculty development, instructors' subjective theories on diversity, motivation in the initial stages of studying at university, evaluation of teaching, and development of teaching competencies. We are currently also involved in teaching and examination matters at several faculties. This allows us to effectively connect research and teaching in order to enhance the strategies for academic teaching and faculty development.

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